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Butter & Eggs


Finest Butter & Free-range Eggs 

 Sick of buying eggs from the supermarket and them not being fresh?

At Rodgis, we only supply the best fresh free-range eggs that you could

buy in the UK.

The best part about our eggs is that they get locally sourced from some of the best Lincolnshire farmers and surroundings.

The difference between cage-free and free-range is the well-being of the chickens themselves.

Cage-free chicken is generally eating grains and scraps whilst free-ranged eats bugs, greens, leftovers, and grains if needed.

You'll know that cage-free chickens get cooped up in their helter for most of the day, are only let out for certain times of the day, and often squished in However, free-ranged tend to be happier and healthy.

The free-range chickens also provide more omega-3 fatty acids.

Beta-carotene, and higher levels of vitamin A and C.

eggs also tend to have less saturated fats and lower in cholesterol.


At Rodgis we don't just limit our eggs range to one product, we also have

the choices of blue, white, and brown free-range eggs to choose.

The different of store-bought eggs against our quality farm fresh eggs is

significantly different.

You may not notice the difference between the shells, but the yolk and whites are a dead giveaway.

eggshells are harder than your store-bought eggs, and store-bought eggs have a yellow yolk whilst Rodgis free-range eggs have a deep orange yolk.

The deeper colour the yolk, the better for all types of cooking.

When it comes to cooking with fresh eggs, boy, oh boy, you’ll never look back.

Not only do the eggs have more flavour.

But, the quality of your foods like scrambled, omelettes and even quiches are

fluffier and is perfect for sauces that contain eggs.

Unfortunately, with free-range eggs, cooking desserts and dishes that contain sugar, there isn’t a noticeable difference in texture or flavour.

Rodgis's luxurious, creamy butter gets processed with only the freshest dairy cream.

Our locally made artisan butter has a significant texture, quality, and flavour difference.

The perfect pairing for your daily cooking, baking, to spread on your Rodgis Sourdough toast or simply enjoy it in whichever way you like.

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Image by Sorin Gheorghita

Truly irresistible Butter & simply delicious free-range eggs sourced locally from the best suppliers.

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