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Local markets are one of our favorite events we like to participate in. With its vibrant atmosphere and thriving market popularity, you can find everything for your weekly shop.

 At the Moment you Can find us at the Farmers Market Below However Rodgis is expanding, and our goal is to take Rodgis to as many Markets as possible so Local Shoppers and visitors can enjoy our food.

Some of our popular items that will be made available at your local markets include * an amazing variety of baked rolls including the classic sausage roll, sweet deserts come and try some of Rodgis’s luxurious artisan bread, and deluxe pastries.

Nothing beats waking up earlier in the morning to get the freshest ingredients for your cooking. The smell of hot coffee around,

the bustling of the crowd, and produce that was picked or made just before arrival. Seeing the local farmer's foods and products is why it is all

worth it. A local market is a symbolic place for the local community, and a rural oasis. These are a place where people can go for the

weekly shop, which also aims to celebrate the diverse and evolving world of local, British, and International foods. It also offers small

producers, start-up businesses, and farmers the chance to share their passion and expertise with the people. One of the Rodgis producers

will be present to provide you with our delicious product range at one of these markets. We love to share our food creation through the

market, with the people who appreciate our dedication and cherish our hard work. All markets contain high-quality fresh food and produce

stalls set in breathtaking locations around the London neighborhood. In conclusion, join the local community movement and participate in

sourcing ingredients from your local area by visiting London food markets and local farmers' markets near you. For more information or if

there's a market where you think we should be at, please drop us a message. We will try to reach you back as soon as possible.



Wimbledon village farmers market


10 am - 3 pm

Every Sunday


Wimbledon, London SW19 5BY 


Saturday & Sunday

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