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Don't let anyone treat you like lunch meat,you are charcuterie

Fresh ,Pure & Full Flavour 

Rodgis Charcuterie boards Are you looking for some fresh gourmet charcuterie board meats? What makes our Charcuterie boards so unique and above the rest? Well, not only do our Charcuterie boards have some of our famously known homemade produce which include our salmon and beef jerky.

But, our Charcuterie boards get made with the finest meats sourced from our suppliers of France, Spain, Italy and many more.

What makes our jerky different?

Our homemade jerky gets coated with seasonings and spices that are freshly grounded by us, giving it
a much more intense flavour than you would get from the supermarket.

Our charcuterie boards are perfect for gatherings and celebrations, especially when you are aiming for a more laid-back setting or atmosphere.

Conveniently, these boards are fantastic for finger food and can be completely customizable to your liking.

 Ways to a Perfect Charcuterie board Savoury  Macadamias, pistachios, and cashews are the top nuts to add onto your platter. You could also add ingredients such as gherkins and olives.

The savoury ingredients help compliment the sweet and cheese products.

Sweet - adding freshness to your Charcuterie boards can be done by adding some figs, blueberries, apricots, and even chutneys or jams. These products help balance your savoury products and your chosen meat cuts.

Our salmon and beef jerky have been a massive success for our charcuterie board layouts.

From our classic/plain flavour to smoked and even spicy, we like to cover all different types of flavours for all the senses and have something for everyone to enjoy.

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And with our jerky get used with freshly grounded seasonings and spices, how could you not love the divine flavours? At Rodgis, we provide many different types of exclusive meats, from your classics such as Chorizo, and air-dried peppered salami.

To our more delicate cuts of meats like Saucisson Campagnard and Tavaillon marinated in a delicious plum brandy.

Top Cured meats from our range Our top 5 picks of cured meats to include in your charcuterie platter includes our Salami with Truffe,  salami Toscano, spicy beef jerky, smoked salmon jerky and smoked pork belly. These cuts of meat work perfectly together and have a melt in your mouth experience like no other.  Below are some tips on creating a beautiful charcuterie board.  Air-dried Salami - Our salami range includes salami with pepper and salami Toscano.  These salamis work harmoniously with semi-hard cheese such as Gouda, wine, bread and fresh fruits and vegetables like celery and dried apricots.

Salmon Jerky - Our salmon jerky is some of the best salmon jerky within the UK with being deliciously tender and packed full of nutrients. k It gets served alongside some red wine such as pinot noir and some cheeses like cheddar or cream cheese.  Pork belly - what sets our pork belly apart from the rest is our pork belly melts in your mouth.   Its delightful flavor of the rub makes pairing so easy.  It pairs beautifully with some Riesling and stone fruits.

with all these choices what's the reason for not creating a beautiful charcuterie board for your guests with our Rodgis selection.


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