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Good wine deserves a good companion

Are you planning on having a gathering where there is alcoholic beverages involved? Is your snacking table looking boring, or bare? Rodgis has the solution you needed.
One of the best creations made to man-kind is combining two intriguing flavours to make this whole new flavour that reminds you of perfection.

 These two flavours are sweet and savoury, the most popular pairing of these flavours includes chicken and rhubarb, chocolate and chilli and one of Rodgis favourite pair, wine and cheese.
How do we know our cheese is best? Well, apart from the luxurious and unique flavours from each cheese.

 We not only care about what tastes like and what goes in to give it that flavour, but we also care about how the animal's well-being.
We have made sure that our suppliers grass-fed their animals and are roam free, bringing out the best flavour possible for both meat and dairy produce.

 By making sure that the animals we get our dairy from being happy and healthy, we get better tasting and higher
quality of cheese in return.

 It also gives us peace of mind that the animals get treated harshly.
Do you want to taste the cheeses of the world? Rodgis provides some of the tastiest arrays of cheeses, from the soft cheeses to the hard cheese types.

 All being the highest quality possible and sourced from some of the best suppliers in Europe, predominantly our French and Italian cheese suppliers.
Apart from our displayed selection of cheeses on our website, we also provide an exclusive artisan selection of cheese.

 The artisan selection includes Comté, morbier, raclette, and even camembert.
Do you want to create a delicious cheese board? With Rodgis’s wide range of cheeses to choose from, there will surely be something everybody will love.

 Our cheeses are perfect when it comes to making your very own cheese board.

 We can help by giving you inspirational cheeseboard designs to our personal opinions on what cheeses will work for you.


Cheese and wine pairing

 Are you planning on having a romantic dinner or lunch, and need to pair cheeses to your wine? Look no further. Below is a quick table of a few cheeses we provide and what wines we recommend with work beautifully. Saint Vernier  -  The  cheese got first made in the Jura region of France. It has a creamy, smooth texture and has a slightly fruity, sherry flavour. It can get paired with Savagnin Blanc or Alsace Rieslings.
Val De Loue - Val De Loue is another French creation and has a strong, oaky flavour with a smooth texture, which can get paired with Marc du Jura wine.
Mimolette Normande - Mimolette Normande has two questionable places of origin. Some say it had originated from France, whilst others think it  had come from Holland. Mimolette Normande - has a malty flavour, and it can get best  served  with some aged ales, cabernet sauvignon or even some French malbec. Tommes des Monts with truffle - This enticing cheese is a tradition to the French and the Swiss people.

Tommes des Monts with truffle - has a sharpness given by the truffles whilst also having a smooth blended texture that would work with some old red burgundy.
Normandy Camembert - Normandy Camembert had originated from the northern side of France and is closely related to the Brie cheese. With the camembert having a velvety texture and a strong-tasting rind, it can get served perfectly with some  most white wines. Rodgis favourite white wine for pairing with this cheese is Errazuriz Estate Series Chardonnay.
Morbier matured - Rodgis Morbier originating from the Jura mountains of France has a 45 day maturity time.  The maturing process leaves the cheese with a mild savoury flavour and pungent smell.  The mature Morbier can get best served with both white and red wines.
 We at Rodgis recommend you try the Pinot noir with this semi-soft cheese. 

Our recommendations

 Rodgis recommends if you’re trying to select some cheeses for your romantic dates to try our top 3 choices.  We chose Abondance, Normandy Camembert, and last but not least, Beaufort Alpage. Are you interested in finding out more? Click on the product you wish to find out more on, and you can find extra details in their descriptions.

Rodgis top 5 tips, to create a stunning cheese board

1. Plating - Rodgis finds the most aesthetic-pleasing cheese boards are either wooden, marble or slate. But you can choose whatever board you may have such as a plate, chopping board, baking tray or even on the table itself.
2. Cheese selections - We recommend choosing up to a maximum type of 2-4 cheeses. Too many and you lose the focal point, or too little, and it looks too bland.
best to add cheeses of different colours.
3. Sweets - Try adding some fresh fruits and jams to the mix. Figs, apricots, apples, grapes and berries get popularly used in cheese boards.
 You could even try some sweet desserts like chocolate or some fresh ingredients like sliced cucumbers or carrot matchsticks.

 4. Savouries - At Rodgis, we recommend adding olives, salted or raw nuts, roasted peppers, or even pickles or gherkins.
5. Bread/garnish - When it comes to the bread, great to have it bitesize like a mini toasts, breadsticks, crackers or even slice baguettes. You can also add cured meats onto the board if you’re not already planning on making or purchasing a charcuterie board.


Enjoy our Best Selection of cheeses for any occasion

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