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Handcrafted  Desserts Made 

Using The Best Ingredients

 Everyone deserves gourmet desserts at the comfort of home Truth be told this pandemic has affected the best of us.

But what better way to lighten up the mood and spend our time indoors with some of Rodgis’s indulgent desserts.

Our sweet desserts get made with love and compassion.

In a way, desserts can also healthy for you, only when desserts get eaten in moderation.

Chocolate provides antioxidants, necessary vitamins and helps boost your mood and reduce your stress levels. As for sugar, yes, we know that men should only have nine teaspoons of sugar per day and women, 6.

But, it has also gotten proven to be beneficial effects on your brain.

What better way to end the day with a delicious slice or a piece of cake?With our delivery service being available 6 days of the week, you won't have to leave the comfort of your own home.

You will get to enjoy every bite of your sweets without hesitation.

With Rodgis's desserts, you'll find that they will tempt your desire and coming back for more.

Well, not only do we make our products fresh for the day.

But, to maximise the flavour of our delicious treats, we make sure to use only the best organic and natural products.

We do this by sourcing our ingredients directly from trustworthy suppliers and by ensuring that we look over every stage of their production process. As naturally goes, Rodgis uses no artificial colours or flavourings in their desserts.

We aren't like many dessert makers who make a dessert for the sake of it. We love to personally try our final products and test out new recipes to best appeal to our customer's eyes.

Are you wondering what the best season is to eat these sweet treats?Rodgis creates many cakes and slices such as salted caramel brownies, classic chocolate brownies, fruit cakes, carrot loaf, and banana bread loaf.

We also have chocolate banana bread, millionaire shortbread, and salted caramel slice.

Finally, we have crème Brule squares, pear and almond cheesecake slice, apple pie cheesecake, and lastly, pecan pie slice.

Salted caramel brownies and classic chocolate brownies – Brownies are perfect with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream or chunks of chocolate.

Fruit cake 

Fruit cake gets often referred to a cake eaten at Christmas time.

Perfect served with a dark coffee or weirdly, a slice of cheese.

Millionaire shortbread 

This delicious millionaire shortbread is perfect with light cream or a hot coffee.

Salted caramel slice 

Salted caramel slices are perfect served on their own or with a warm cup of tea.

Crème Brule squares 

Our favourite crème Brule squares get best served with some Muscat

dessert wine or even a light beer.

At Rodgis, we find that most of our cakes and slices get relatively the same amount of purchase.

Carrot Cake 

Handmade moist carrot sponge, made with dark brown

sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg walnuts, and freshly grated carrot.

It gets then baked into the dough, great for a coffee morning, afternoon tea or if you fancy a treat.

Banana Bread

Handmade classic and moist banana bread with bananas through the dough and caster sugar 


Delightful handcrafted Desserts made  with quality ingredients 

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