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Freshly Marinated olives


 Are you looking for some delicious fresh olives? Rodgis has just over ten choices to choose from, and our selection of olives have come from Greece, Italy, and Spain.

 Our trusted suppliers have provided us with high-quality olives for many years.

We are planning to continue to build and strengthen our business relationship to help bring new and innovative products to your tables. Not only do we care about the value of our fresh olives, but at Rodgis, we also value the flavour.

 How are our marinated olives made? How do we keep them fresh? We follow the traditional methods by soaking the olives in cold-pressed sunflower oil or extra-virgin olive oils.

 We also marinate the olives with aromatic herbs and spices, giving you authentic Mediterranean flavours.

 Each of our olives products has its unique taste and is of the highest quality.

 To maintain the high standard quality, we only process after getting any order, which we believe keeps our olives fresh.

 Why is Rodgis olives different? With the growth of our olive range, you'll find some olives everyone will enjoy.

 We do not only provide our valued customers with plain olives. We also try to create new ideas and flavours that you'll surely love.



Our olives can get used as a perfect snack, an addition to a light salad or even placed within a charcuterie or cheese board.

 We promise to deliver the delicious flavour and gorgeous, exquisite olive treats to boost up your day.

 Not only is our olives packed full of flavour.

 But, it can get eaten all year round.

For special occasions, celebrations or even for lunch or as an afternoon snack.

Why not make your own marinated olives? You could make your olives, and they could taste delicious, but Rodgis olives are delicious, inexpensive and hassle-free.

 No need to wait a whole month before you can eat a few.


Olive tree and fruit facts

 The olive tree is known as an evergreen tree as it works throughout the year to create delicious, plump olives.

 - It had gotten believed that the branches of the olive trees were a symbol of peace and immortality in Ancient Greece times.

 The creation of the first olive tree was said to have sprouted when the Greek god and goddess, Athena and Poseidon were fighting over ownership of Attica.

 All olives start as green in colour and as maturing goes on, olives become deeper in colour, often turning a gorgeous black in colour.

 The olive tree is a miracle tree. The olives are naturally carbohydrate, sodium and cholesterol-free. Olive oil is also said to give high sources of vitamin K, A and E.


Assorted Olives freshly marinated with vibrant herbs.

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